December 22, 2019: First Time Home Food Delivery with a Service

Sunday. Since today was my free day at home I ended up spending absolutely the entire day working. The whole day, all of it. I had just loads of projects that were all needing attention today with the big one being a full corporate Active Directory migration with us putting in new servers, moving to the new servers, moving from an old domain to a new one, etc. Quite a lot of changes for a Sunday afternoon migration.

I took only a few minutes to myself all day while I ate my meals to watch some YouTube. Enjoying episodes of Drew Binskey as he explores the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Got a little Karl Watson shows in, too. Maybe thirty or forty minutes total, all day. I never even got in the car once today.

For dinner tonight I was really wanting Torchey’s Tacos and I have wanted to try out a food delivery service so I attempted using Door Dash to get Torchey’s Tacos delivered. It worked out great. It only cost me four dollars to get the food delivered, and it saved me tons of time plus the cost of taking the F150 over there to get dinner. So I’m guessing that it only ended up costing me about two dollars, and saving me a lot of time. So nearly free with all things considered.

The food was great, too. Three Torchey’s Tacos. I figured out the right order this time. Their salmon and tuna always sound so good, and they aren’t bad, but those aren’t the big hits for me. It is their avocado and mushroom tacos that I really love. And I tried their limited time fried catfish taco and that was amazing. So I have figured out the right order for me finally. So good. And Door Dash was just so simple and convenient and really, so cheap, I think that I will use this more in the future.

I worked till something like two in the morning. A very long day. One of my busiest days of the week.

Tomorrow I have errands to run, a lot more work to do, I need to pack up the truck, and then tomorrow night I am driving down to Houston to spend Christmas with the family.