December 23, 2019: Errands and Running to Houston for Christmas

Monday. Last full day of work before the Christmas holiday. Had to start early this morning and it was an extremely busy morning with just hours of solid work needing me before doing anything. I did get a really good lead on someone interesting in helping look at Vetastic today, though, which is great and we are really excited about that.

My whole day turned out to be crazy busy. In the afternoon I had errands to run. Mostly dealing with the courts for the situation going on with the predatory towing company. I had to run to get fuel, go to the bank, deal with legal paperwork, do all kinds of jurisdiction research: just a really, really busy day.

I ended up running to Denton County to file my court paperwork today, but when I got to the court it turns out that they were closed today. Now I have to race back after Christmas and deal with this then. I had had everything planned out to deal with this on Friday, and in Dallas and everything just fell apart. This process is insane.

After getting the errands all done, I came home and loaded the truck and waited for rush hour to quiet down. I worked while waiting and then around seven I got in the truck and drove myself down to Houston.

Before I could leave town, though, Dominica needed me to run to our local grocery store, WinCo, and spend a good half of an hour in the bulk food section stocking up on every sugar free bulk candy item that they had because they want to use it for Frank’s Christmas gifts. That took a lot of time.

The truck has not been running well for me all week. But Paul was already aware that it was having issues so I figured that all was fine. I didn’t have it stop or anything on me, but it makes some weird sounds that a week from now I’ll realize is the sound of the fuel pump dying. But I could hear the motor issue and I think I’m the only one that hears these things so I have gotten used to not saying anything because everyone always things that I’m crazy.

On my drive down, I stopped at Carl’s Jr. and tried their new Beyond BBQ burger that Dominica had told me about. It wasn’t bad, but it was nowhere near as good as their normal Beyond Famous Star with Cheese. I am glad that I tried it, but I will be sticking with my regular choice in the future.

I arrived right around midnight. I parked in the driveway, unloaded the truck, and got straight up to bed. Both Liesl and Luciana stayed up to see me before they went to bed. So I saw them, and then it was right off to sleep. Dominica and I have an air mattress in the craft room upstairs which is not too bad.