December 26, 2019: Week Without the Family

Thursday. Paul and I came back up to Dallas last night and now we are home for over a week until Dominica and the girls come back up from Houston. Today turned into just a full day of work for me.

Dominica tells me that the Oculus Rift S system for VR that I set up last night is a massive hit with everyone and she spent the entire day managing the system and handling the queue of people trying to play. Apparently everyone wants to play Beat Saber and they are starting to understand how to use the system so that it works consistently.

Today was an all day work day. Not super busy, but solidly busy. That kept me very busy. Mia hung out with me a bit, I set up a chair just behind me in the office so that she can lay down just inches behind me.

Nothing much for me to report today. Just normal daytime work all day, and then working with Jeremy this evening until late.