December 27, 2019: Filing Court Papers Against the Predatory Towing Company

Friday. Second day home after having left the family down in Houston so that the kids can hang out with their cousins for the vacation week. This morning I got up and Paul and I set out straight away to go head out to the justice of the peace court here in Carrollton in jurisdiction six so that I could file against the predatory towing company and Rachel’s apartment complex for their illegal towing of my car. That actually went really well and was really simple. There was no line at all and the court people were really helpful and impressed with the huge amount of supporting evidence that I had to give them. So I got that done, paid my forty one dollars and we were off to deal with other things.

We stopped by the mechanic to look at Paul’s truck which is having problems running. They think that his fuel pump is failing, not his alternator.

I grabbed Taco Bueno on the way back to the house and stayed with Mia and worked all day. Paul went out to sell his truck today, but did not get an offer that he liked so he didn’t get to sell it today.

Today Valentina and I worked for many hours on coming up with awesome ways to track everyone’s time and think that we came up with great solutions. We trained a few people, too. I was on the phone so much today that I got a headache and couldn’t get fluids and what not.

Jeremy and I worked till around two in the morning. We are getting so much done. Going really well.

So today was a long one and really just a long work day.