December 29, 2019: Rewatching The Mandalorian with Rachel

Sunday. I started the day working for a few hours. Then, later in the day, Paul and I did some watching of documentaries together.

We watched some shows on extreme travel in Venezuela by Indigo Traveler. Paul doesn’t normally watch these YouTube shows with me, but he got into this one. We also watched a Netflix show on the Andes.

After our shows, I got back to work and worked a full day from mid-afternoon until around one in the morning. Just solid work. I am quite tired.

This evening Rachel came over and brought Taco Bell for dinner. She came over late and tried to get Taco Bueno on the well over, she got there fifteen minutes before they were supposed to close, but they were already turning people away. Taco Bell ran out of a some ingredients and were not able to do any of the food that I had requested, but she was able to get me something vegetarian at least.

She came over and put in some laundry and we watched three episodes of Disney’s The Mandalorian. I didn’t really like it the first time through, but it was okay. Seeing it now for a second time and I can honestly say that the show it terrible, poorly made, and just not good.