December 28, 2019: Busy Working Weekend Home with Just Paul & Mia

Saturday. Warm enough that the windows stayed open today. The day started with a light rain and it varied between light and moderate pretty much all day until the mid-evening. It is pretty quiet here with just Paul, Mia, and me.

This morning was a bit of work, couple of hours. Then Paul and I put on some TV and watched for several hours. We watched the movie The Lost City of Z which is a documentary, more or less, about early twentieth century exploration of the Amazon jungle.

We watched a few episodes of Fantasy Island which we found on Crackle. I’ve not seen that in a while. But you can only watch so much of that at one time. It really is a one episode at a time kind of show.

Paul ran out and did some shopping this evening.

I had to work intermittently here and there, but mostly I got to relax until around seven this evening when it was back to my desk for real work.

I worked until about two in the morning, then headed off to bed. Loads of good work done tonight, though.