January 21, 2020: Finally Caught Up on Videos, Too

Tuesday. Another busy day, no rest for the weary. I got up to a bright morning, but it is expected to rain and possibly snow tonight. A storm is pushing in from the west.

I got right to work this morning. No chance to go anywhere today. I got in to my desk, and it was a full day of work, work, work, for me.

It was, overall, a good day. We did our first real pitch of Vetastic this afternoon. That was very exciting, and took over two hours! Hard to believe that just showing it off and talking about it would eat up the whole afternoon. But it did, really quickly. The whole thing went really well. The pitch is to a hospital here in Texas and they were actually so impressed that they are presenting it to the board to consider for immediate deployment! It’s a huge long shot and we totally understand that there is no realistic chance that it is going to get selected. But the fact that we were able to put on a two hour demo, show a fifteen thousand dollar cost savings to the clinic to happen immediately, and have them actually be willing to take it to the board for further consideration is effectively a slam dunk at this stage in our process. We are very excited.

About four hours of my day was spent on the phone with a customer in Utah who has been hacked, or at least believes that they have been, and needed walked through many different aspects of what was happening. But after all was said and done, we aren’t sure if she didn’t imagine or make up the entire set of events. It’s been going on for nearly a week, and the story is never consistent nor does it make sense. She will tell a very detailed story over and over again, then explain that none of it happened and she made all of that part up. So weird.

I got stuck working super late tonight. Till way after three. But I was making great progress and I got a chance to work