January 20, 2020: Grices Return to Houston

Monday. The Grices left early this morning to drive back down to Friendswood. Work was very busy all morning for me today.

Early this afternoon Paul and I had to go up to Plano for a business meeting that went well for a few hours. Then back to the house to cover for the office more as we are just so busy.

No Dungeons & Dragons tonight, planning on Wednesday instead. So since we didn’t game I worked all evening to try to keep up.

Watched a little Star Trek: Voyager this evening which we have been watching for a very, very long time at this point making super slow progress through it.

Rachel surprised me with wanting to go out tonight. Very late, around midnight. She called and we went out to Katy Trail to check it out as a venue for her upcoming birthday (which is two days before mine.) She is twenty nine and turning the big three-oh in just over a month so she is planning a big party. The kitchen had already closed by the time that we arrived so we didn’t get to check out the food. We got beers and sat outside enjoying the fresh air, beer, and the outdoor heaters. It was nice to get to catch up as we’ve not really seen each other for a few weeks.