January 7, 2020: Watching the Iran Situation

Tuesday. Not a ton going on today, just a lot of work to do. Loads of people are out sick in the office today, and really all this week, so we are very short on staff and that keeps me extra busy.

The girls didn’t have school again today because their cousins were off still today.

Had a long, few hour meeting this afternoon.

It is Tuesday so Paul and Dominica have pool league tonight. Just me home with the kids. It is extra quiet with Rachel gone, normally I am wondering if she will drop in and surprise me or something, but she is in Mexico (or on her way there) so I won’t see her until Saturday evening.

I worked all evening. The girls were involved in their own things and really didn’t need me for anything. They played games with their cousins much of the evening. And of course there was some VR from Liesl.

I worked until late but not super late tonight. I’ve been a bit tired and wanted to catch up a little.

Most of my evening was spent watching events unfold as Iran fired a volley of ballistic missiles at US bases in Iraq. In the future this will probably not seem like much of anything, but tonight we teeter on the brink of a massive world war and all it comes down to is how the US will react. The US struck first a couple days ago and this was a carefully measured response to try to goad the US into starting a war. So a lot of careful observation tonight. The US has said that it will not respond until the morning, however. But this tied up a lot of my evening.