January 9, 2020: New Bedroom Furniture for the Girls


Today was a surprisingly warm day in January, over seventy degrees and we had to turn on the air conditioning to keep it cool! Very crazy.

We’ve been taking down the old fence since Mia has been tearing it apart to get to the neighbour’s dog who is trying to get to her so we just needed a new fence between them.

The big thing today is that Dominica went furniture shopping and got all new, very nice furniture for the girls’ room. It’s all fancy adult style furniture. A full suite. New bed, with storage underneath. New end table, dresser, desk, etc. Dominica went to physically do the shopping while Liesl approved things remotely via her phone. All new closet organizers too, which holy cow do we need. Their closet has always been just a crazy mess.

Luciana has continued doing projects with her electronics kit that we got for her. She is enjoying that.

I’ve been playing with the new Raspberry Pi 4 4GB that I got as I learn more about it. It’s pretty nice compared to what RP has made in the past.