Sunday. Up at five, but I convinced the dogs to chill until five thirty before needing to take them on our morning constitutional. It was a nice morning and we managed to do three miles (seven thousand steps) before returning to the hotel. A good walk down to Poneloya. We saw a number of people out at the cafes there and hanging out on the beach.

We had thirteen people in the restaurant when I returned, which was right as we were opening. So likely we were pretty busy even before we had officially opened for the morning! By mid-breakfast we were up to eighteen having already turned over one large table. That is not including us, which is another three.

Today is supposed to be very hot. Thirty six Celsius, which is ninety seven Fahrenheit. So today is a good day to hide in the office as much as possible. Both because it is hot and because the restaurant is busy and we do not want to be taking up space.

I did some work on the book today. The dogs were extra exhausted. Probably from the long morning walk and the general heat. I found out this evening that tomorrow is a holiday, perhaps only in Managua. So there are just tons of people here because of that. The restaurant was totally full for the entire day.

Surprisingly taking the dogs out to walk a few times at the peak of the heat did not really feel all that hot today. There is no question that being here for two and a half months we are starting to adapt for real.

I went out and did some SGL vlog videos to upload to YouTube. I’ve been a few days behind and I managed to all but catch up except that while recording the video for last Thursday the camera shut down from overheating! I was not outside for that long and the sun was getting low, but it was still too much for the length of time that I was recording.

This evening we decided that there was nowhere in our restaurant to even sit and that it would not make sense at all to eat at our own restaurant. While out walking Clive I noticed that Puesta del Sol was totally empty, not a single customer. So we ate there. They will be packed after our last table has left, so they are doing fine. They just do not get the crowd prior to sunset as they are not sitting on the beach. It is great that we have them on WhatsApp so I can just text over, discuss our inevitable special order with them, get the price, put together the cash, and walk over when everything is ready. So handy. As if living within shouting distance was not enough.

Luciana got the walnet and gorganzola rigatoni. My mother’s parents would be so proud to know that their ten year old granddaughter was living in Central America regularly ordering gorgonzola. It was their favourite.

Liesl was not in the mood for anything over there so is getting food from our own restaurant. We can at least do roomservice to keep from taking up space in the restaurant itself.

Dominica got rigatoni pomodoro, and I got seafood lasagna. I also ordered three pizzas and two orders of bruschetta for our crew who are working so hard tonight!

We ended up having to deal with a staff problem tonight. No fun, our first firing event since coming down here. Luckily we have a manager so we only had to deal with so much of it. But it is still stressful, especially when dealing with it in a touch economy like this. But it was a serious issue and clearly she knew that she was doing multiple things that were guaranteeing that she was getting fired sooner or later.

That made for a stressful night. So I stayed up late with Dominica and Ivonne having cosmos while they destressed.