August 2, 2021: Very Tired on a Monday

Monday. It is technically a holiday today in Managua, although we never learned what holiday it is supposed to be. The hotel was pretty busy all morning, though. We had over a dozen people all morning. We just keep doing so much better than expected.

I only did two miles with the dogs this morning. Sometimes we need a little break.

Dominica and I took the dogs for a walk together around noon and noticed that it felt super warm. It is only ninety three today, but Google says that it is a “feels like” one hundred and two. We noticed, for sure. In theory it is because rain is headed our way this afternoon.

I felt really tired much of the day today. It was a struggle to stay awake. I had plenty of coffee. Maybe I am not getting enough sleep.

I took Clive for a walk this evening just in time to see the sky get quite dark. So I ran out immediately after getting him home and brought in the chalkboard that sits out front and then grabbed the GoPro and went out to film today’s episode with the gorgeous storm rolling in.

We had quite a lot of rain come down this evening and it lasted for several hours. That cooled things off a lot.

I took an early break from work around five thirty to get dinner. Then it was a long evening of working for me.

This evening we had a crew working through the night to install a new sink in our bar. So our water was shut off around nine thirty. They only had it off for about an hour. But the new sink has a leak and they need to work on it again tomorrow night.

Late tonight I managed to get in my memory training session. It is so hard to get time to do meditation work. There is no thirty minute period of the day, even late at night, that kids and even employees don’t need me! Maybe that is why I am so tired!

I got to bed at a decent time tonight. Trying to get a full night’s sleep as I have been a little tired recently. Clive always getting me up at five thirty in the morning no matter what is going on can be exhausting as there is no way to adjust for more sleep.

I got my Spanish classes scheduled for the week. I was lazy about that. I have them the next three days then my memory training class on Friday.