July 27, 2008: Glass Explosion

If you ever need a laugh at the expense of cruelly tortured children, spend some time at Not Without My Handbag’s Guide to Bad Baby Names.  You will cry with laughter and, we hope, sympathy.

We slept in a little today but nothing like yesterday.  Dominica was up around ten or so.  I always get up when Oreo decides that he is tired of sleeping in the bedroom and wants to hang out in the living room instead.

For brunch today we went over to Hell’s Kitchen in the Ironbound with Kevin, Pam and Ryan.  Hell’s Kitchen has some awesome food and drinks.  We were really happy that we tried them out for brunch.  Unfortunately, they are discontinuing the brunch for the rest of the summer and today was the last day.  So it was more of a tease than anything else.

After lunch, Dominica spent the afternoon taking her HP Linux 101 class and getting caught up doing the first five lessons today (the final lesson, six, does not release until tomorrow.)  I did a bit of work of many different types throughout the day.  Overall it was a rather relaxing day involving quite a bit of catchup on many things that we have become backed up on.

In the middle of the afternoon, Dominica had an accident in the kitchen involving a glass and a coffee mug that resulted in a rather large glass explosion showering the kitchen and the surrounds in shards of glass and ceramic.  The incident resulted in an afternoon of cleaning and attempting to protect Oreo from bits of glass that went just everywhere.  It was quite a mess.

The glass breaking became far more disasterous because the kitchen was already a complete mess and the glass had just a million different places to lodge itself.  I spent the afternoon cleaning everything in the kitchen and getting everything off of the counter.  What a mess.

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