September 2, 2002

A fun day of working in Washington. We had a slight problem with our email server over the weekend that I had to fix yesterday but everything seems to be ok today.

Anyone interested in a new computer but on a tight budget should look to Walmart Online is now selling a Lindows (Linux) computer complete with memory, hard drive, ethernet, etc. for only $199. It is a VIA C3 based unit at 800MHz. Nothing to knock your socks off but at $199 with the OS installed, all you need is the monitor, keyboard, mouse (optical from Walmart only $18.88) and a cable or DSL connection and you are good to go. It is hard to go wrong at that price. This would make a great second computer or Linux learning system for someone just getting started.

The weather is beautiful here today. John and I took the 35th Anniversary Camaro Convertible with the top down into the city this morning. Traffic was heavy the day after the holiday but it wasn’t all that bad.

September 1, 2002

And for the month of September…

THE OFFICIAL LLAMA OF THE MONTH AWARD GOES TO FRANCESCA GRICE!!! Francesca lives in Houston, Texas and reads SGL everyday. She has been bugging Dominica to put in her name for the SGL Llama of the Month for about three months now but I have been lazy and we haven’t had a LotM since May.

Min and I went out for breakfast this morning at the Double T Diner in Annapolis. After breakfast we headed out to Best Buy to see if they had any movies that we wanted to see. It is raining pretty hard today. We had originally planned to go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with John, Michelle, Rob and Trish today but the weather isn’t exactly the best for that sort of thing. So we decided to stay in. I worked on my homework for a while and Dominica watched the movie Emma based on the book by the same name which was also the story used for the movie Clueless, believe it or not. She said that it was pretty good. Maybe I will watch it tomorrow.

After killing the afternoon, I had to head into the city (Washington) to fix something at the office. That ended up only taking a few minutes so I took Min on a tour of the northwest side of the city down Embassy Row through Adams-Morgan and into Georgetown. We parked on a side street in G-Town (she got to see a number of our hospitals along the way) and we walked around M Street where all of the upscale food and shops are in DC. We had a really good time. We did a little shopping and Min bought herself a knitting book at Barnes and Noble and then we went to Miss Saigon for dinner. It was my first time eating Vietnamese. It was really good. After that, it was pretty late and we decided to call it a day. We drove back out to Annapolis and went straight to bed. We just aren’t the party animals that we used to be.

Dominica will be leaving for Ithaca tomorrow morning after breakfast. I still have some homework to do so I will have a chance to get it done while it is still a holiday and not officially the next week of school yet.

I did catch the error on the page that was making the entire month of August show up in Italics. People, you need to email me when weird stuff like that happens. I don’t always notive it for a couple of days.

August 31, 2002

The trip went well last night and we made it down to Maryland in pretty good time. Of course, John forgot that I didn’t have a key to the house yet so when Min and I arrived we were locked out of the house. We arrived at 11pm and slept in the car until 1am. At that time I decided to try picking the lock on the door since I was still awake in the car and didn’t have anything else to do at the time. As luck would have it, we got right in. John didn’t get home until 4am so it was a good thing that I decided to try my luck with the lock.

I worked at the hospital today for about five hours. Dominica was pretty bored while she was stuck there with me. But, I managed to get a lot of work done and the time was well spent. We are trying hard to get a truck mounted computer system to be working the way we want it to and it has just been an uphill battle forever. We have had so many different and stupid problems, it has really been ridiculous.

After working a the hospital, Min and I returned to the house and I worked on homework that I needed to get done and Min took a nap. That took us up until pretty late and we ordered in a pizza and that was pretty much the end of the day for us. I got almost all of my homework done while she was napping.

During the trip down to Annapolis last night, I listening to the biography of Dietrick Bonnhoeffer [sp] who was a Lutheran minister in Germany prior to World War II. It was really interesting. My parents gave it to me to listen to. Min has it now.