August 24, 2002

Another day working in Endicott. Loopy and I finished up (along with the other three techs who were working with us) early this afternoon. We decided to grab some lunch at the IHOP on the Vestal Parkway for old times sake. Back when Loop and I worked at IBM in Endicott, we used to eat at IHOP two or three times per week. It got so that the manager, Lisa, knew us really well. She was always happy to see us. Well, after the layoffs, obviously, we didn’t eat there anymore. When we worked at Gentiva a year ago, we stopped in there and talked to her and she was all excited to see us. And we stopped in again in February before heading down to Washington when SGL went offline because our service provider messed up. Anyway, we stopped in today for old times sake and Lisa was there. It turns out that today was supposed to be her last day because she was leaving to become a federal aviation official at the airport in Binghamton. She ended up getting pushed off from her start date but she will be gone very soon. So, it was really nice that we were able to stop in and say goodbye before she left. What a weird coincidence.

Zach is home today and Bob is expected to be home tomorrow. I haven’t seen anyone in so long it is hard to believe that anyone actually lives here but us. How weird. I have now topped a month without seeing Nate and he lives right across the hall from me. And I will most likely go to DC tomorrow and return on Wednesday and return to DC on Thursday or Friday and still not have seen him for all that time.

John said that the cats have gotten really bad down in Maryland and that they are outdoors cats now. Which really doesn’t work either. So he is looking for good homes for them. He might only have to get rid of Mickey. All the girls love Mickey. If anyone out there really wants a long haired, skinny, orange Mickey, let me know. He will probably be yours for the asking. He has all his shots and everything and we just want him to be cared for. Nila might be ok without him. We don’t know yet.

The Renaissance Festival is on in Maryland and that is a good time. John is going tomorrow in his full body armour (yes, real full body armour.) I think that the entire gang in Maryland will be going the the Festival next weekend since Dominica is going to be coming down to visit us over Labour Day weekend.

I ended up napping all afternoon and it is now evening so the news is short today as was the day. I have much work to get done tonight and tomorrow so I will be getting to that shortly. Have a good weekend.

August 22, 2002

Loopy and I took a contract with TEKsystems out of Rochester and Hewlett-Packard to do a Windows XP migration at Gentiva in Endicott about an hour from Ithaca. If you look through the archives, I am sure that you can find when Loopy and I did the Windows 2000 migration at the same facility. We did every computer last time and we did everyone again. Since no new machines were put in this time, that means that we have pretty muched touched every computer there twice. That is kind of a weird feeling – coming back to a job site a year later and knowing that many of those machines probably haven’t moved an inch since you had set them there. I went into Gentiva to get ready for the migration today. I worked mid-afternoon and all evening. I am the Team Lead on the migration so I have to be in before anyone else is to make sure that everything is all set for everyone.

August 21, 2002: Happy Birthday Dominica

Dominica is 24 today. But she didn’t manage to get off of work so she is stuck there all day. Tonight we are going out to dinner at Banfi’s at the Statler Hotel. They have a NY Sheep Cheese Tart that is just amazing. We are planning on just getting that, salads and dessert since you get too full otherwise. They have a really awesome grape dressing there as well for their spinach salad that I have been craving for forever too. I am really looking forward to dinner tonight.

I moved most of July over to the archives. Be careful trying to look at the 2002 archives, we are already up to 1/4 megabyte of text alone for the page. It really shows just how much I update the site. I hope that everyone is really reading this thing because I sure do but in a lot of work to keep the news on here for everyone.

I am still waiting for Nate and Bob to get that web site to me for their school’s music program. Sooner or later they will get that to me. But I think that they keep waiting until they see me in person and that could easily be another month before that happens since I am only here this week while they are in Albany at the NYSSMA conference and then I am working this weekend during the little time that they are back and then I head straight back to DC for Monday.

Overall, not a lot happened during the day today. I am posting now and Loopy and I are just about to run out for some lunch. I had a phone meeting about the upcoming weekend job in Endicott that took up most of the middle of the day. An hour and a half on the phone talking to people that I have never met before is a bit much for the middle of the day, let me assure you. I have to go in and work tomorrow which sucks a bit. I might not have to be there late but I won’t know until I get the chance to leave so I can’t schedule anything.

August 20, 2002

Happy Birthday to Joe Tocco! He is 17 today. We are expecting him and his band, Unlisted Side Effects to be playing at open mic night down at the Nines this Sunday night so come out and hear him if you get the chance.

Today I got up early and drove out to Batavia to meet Eric for a meeting at United Memorial Medical Center there. The meeting went well and we think that they are impressed. Unfortunately, their volumes are just way to low for us to be able to do much for them.

I got home to find that Loopy had gotten a new cable for the projector that allows him to hook up his line double to it giving us an incredible picture compared to a straight DVD player. A standard DVD player produces output of approximately 480 lines and we now are viewing 768 lines. So for all of you who have never gotten the chance to watch DVDs and LDs line doubled and on a 120″ screen – ha ha. I am writing this while sitting on the couch in the den as Loopy carefully adjusts the projector while Dominica is out partying with friends from work.

Loopy and I took a job this coming weekend working at Gentiva in Endicott. If you look through the archives, you can probably find when we worked there last. This time, I get to be in charge of the project. I have to go down and work there on Thursday night for a few hours and then Loopy and I will be there full shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will make for a long weekend but weekend money is always helpful and it cuts the least into the normal business week. And another line for the resume never hurts either. It will be nice to have a Team Lead position on there for this kind of work. I am always looking for this kind of stuff.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Dominica’s birthday and she will kill you all if you don’t remember. She tried to convince me to let her open her present last night but I am not so weak. She will have to wait till tomorrow like anyone else.