The Perfect Development Environment Manual

This paper was written as my final paper for my graduate Process Management course at RIT.  The paper is based on a semi-fictional software as a service (software on demand) vendor which develops its own software and maintains its own development processes.  This document was to be formatted somewhere between a handbook and a memorandum […]

Project Management of the RMS Titanic and the Olympic Ships

The idea to build the R.M.S. Titanic and her sisters, the R.M.S. Olympic and the H.M.H.S. Britanic, first began to take shape in 1907. These three ships together were White Star Line’s Olympic Class ocean liners. (I will use the Olympic(s) in reference to the class of vessels throughout this text for the sake of […]

Non-Measurable Organizational Value

In addition to the concept of the Measurable Organizational Value or MOV metric that I discussed several days ago, I believe that we need to look at its contrary “metric” – Non-Measurable Organizational Value or NMOV. Non-Measurable Organizational Value is the concept of corporate benefit being derived from a project that is inherently non-measurable. To […]

Overview of Measurable Organizational Value (MOV)

Measurable Organizational Value or MOV is a term coined by Jack Marchewka as an alternative tool to the more popular Return on Investment or ROI concept which has become a buzzword within the industry over the last ten years and has existed for many more. Marchewka defines measurable organizational value as being “the project’s overall […]

Do IT: Information Technology Career Paths

Information Technology is a very large field but within the field there are common job categories and career paths. Over time new careers appear and a few old careers fall away and within broad career paths there are many areas of specialization. This article’s focus is to look at the large, broad categories to give […]