April 23, 2009: The “Call” Comes in for the Congo

Not only did we go to bed last night at a decent hour but this morning I was able to really sleep in as well and then, once I finally did get up, I spent a while working from my BlackBerry.  I feel quite a bit better after actually getting some sleep. I had to […]

April 22, 2009: The Ralstons’ Final Visit to Peekskill

Today the Ralstons are coming from back home down to visit us for the last time before they hope to be going to Impfondo, Republic of the Congo.  They are hoping to leave in late May so the next several seeks entails them running from one state to another trying to visit everyone that they […]

January 2, 2009: Ralstons Visiting

I am a bit behind on SGL updates.  Things have been busy this week.  The Ralstons are visiting this weekend having arrived last night and planning to stay until tomorrow evening.  Today I have to work but since the financial industry freeze is still in effect (today is the final working day of the freeze) […]