How To – Easy NTP on Solaris 10

Setting up NTP (the Network Time Protocol) on Solaris 10 is very simple but requires a few less than obvious steps that can trip up someone looking to set up a basic NTP daemon to sync their local machine. The first step is to install the NTP packages SUNWntpr and SUNWntpu, both of which are […]

Solaris Dstream Package Format (Package Stream)

If you have worked on Solaris for a while you have probably stumbled across the package stream or “dstream” package format sometimes used for Solaris packages. Dstreams can come as a surprise to Solaris administrators who have become accustomed to the traditional package format. But Dstreams are very easy to work with if you just […]

Issues Sharing Automount Home Directories from Solaris to Linux

I discovered this problem while attempting to share our automounted home directories from my Solaris 10 NFS file server to my SUSE and Red Hat Linux NFS clients. automount[10581]: >> mount: block device is write-protected, mounting read-only kernel: call_verify: server requires stronger authentication. It turns out that the solution is quite simple. The […]