August 10, 2008: The Blissful Life of the Unemployed

Our high stress weekend continues.  Nothing has changed – and that is the source of the stress.  On Friday evening, when talking to real people with real influence, you get the sense that everything is fine and that come Monday morning we will be able to work things out and have a good resolution to […]

June 3, 2008: Last Day in Disney World for 2008

Dominica and I slept in quite late this morning. We really wore ourselves out yesterday being in the parks for over twelve hours! Today we are taking it easy and just relaxing at the Wilderness Lodge. Officially checkout is at eleven but I called down and they are letting us stay until one in the […]

June 2, 2008: Hollywood Studios and Epcot

It was well after two when Dominica and I got to sleep last night. This morning I was up around six thirty. It is going to be a long, exhausting day. No breakfast trip for us this morning. We have pastries left from the bakery on Main Street USA from last night that we ate […]

May 31, 2008: Off to Disney World!

Scott and Dominica’s Disney 2008 Flickr Set. I was awfully tired this morning after having worked until eleven thirty last night and then having the alarm go off at four thirty this morning. I actually woke up three minutes before the alarm all on my own which at least saved me from being jolted awake […]

The Disney Guide for 2007

In May of 2007 Scott and Dominica return to Walt Disney World in Florida one and a half years after their previous journey in late 2005. We had so much fun doing the blog and podcast and videos and Flickr-feed that we decided that we had to do it again. This time we went for […]