Final Fantasy III

In 1990, Squaresoft (now Square Enix) produced its third and final Final Fantasy installment for the 8-bit console generation targetting the Japanese Nintendo Famicom.  Like its predecessor, Final Fantasy II, FF3 was not translated for western audiences and was exclusive to the Japanese market.  In 1994 Square produced Final Fantasy VI and released that title […]

Wii Fit: First Impressions

We first got the Wii Fit almost immediately after its release with the intent of it being a Christmas present.  We did not end up unpacking the Wii Fit or setting it up until quite some time later and just now have been using it for three days. Nintendo’s Wii Fit is a combination of […]

Knothole Island

The Knothole Island downloadable content expansion for Fable 2 on the XBOX 360 released today.  This is the first additional content available for Fable 2. Knothole Island contains one new region for Fable 2 expanding the game from thirteen to fourteen regions.  The region contains three new quests and many new items for the player […]