September 12, 2001: Pentagon Cleanup

Late last night Dominica and I arrived in Arnold, Maryland just outside of Annapolis.  Dominica was interested in seeing Annapolis itself but we have heard that the streets have small artillery moved into them to protect the naval base and that the Bay Bridge is being protected by hovering helicopters.  So today is probably not the best time to go see the city.

I don’t remember for sure but I am pretty confident that  John Nicklin, Dominica and I went out for breakfast to the Double T Diner in Annapolis.  We have eaten at the Double T pretty consistently for almost a year by this point and for an additional seven years at the time of this writing.

For lunch Dominica, John Nicklin, Dave LeBlanc and I went out to Arlington, Virginia for a meeting about the Waste Watcher project at the apartment of Phil Kriebel.  This was to be the only time that Dominica would ever meet Dave.  Dave was the president of Nicklin Associates which I worked for from 1999 – 2005.

Phil, who sadly would die in 2007 while living in the Bronx, cooked us lunch while the four of us worked on business plans and strategies for medical waste workflow systems.  It was at this infamous meeting that Dave would come up with the plan of attempting to mount full sized scales onto truck beds which, of course, bounce too hard and destroy the scales.

We had to disband the meeting earlier than we had planned because Nicklin Associates was involved with the cleanup process at the Pentagon just a few miles away and a lot of effort was being put into that.  Phil would actually be put onto the Philadelphia news later this evening as the “eye witness” who was in the wreckage at the crash site when the left over fuel flared up again and the fires began anew.

I don’t remember for sure but I believe that Dominica and I drove back to Ithaca tonight.

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