October 24, 2001

Two days in a row. Maybe we are starting a trend again. Don’t get your hopes up, though. Speaking of not getting your hopes up… I still have no word as to the arrival of my new Mazda PR5. I was called a couple of weeks ago and told that it was going to be a while. I was hoping for an update or something by now. Hmmm…

Loopy’s sister Dana is supposed to be visiting us today until Friday. We will see if she actually manages to make it down here. This is going to be a short update today. Maybe there will be a longer one tomorrow. Maybe Josh will write something for us as well.

Also, now that we are updating again and the Llamas are starting to settle into their new house. It would be nice if some of the honorary Llamas would be nice enough to mail in some updates about themselves to share with the Llama community at large. This should be a forum for keeping up with all Llamas. Also, Llama Anne told me that we should have a section where we have bios on Llamas. So that is something that all of the Llamas should be working on as well.

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