December 20, 2001

Ok, so my teeth are out now. They definitely are hurting pretty badly but not nearly as badly as everyone thought that they would have. I am able to eat already. Although I am not able to eat anything that I want and I am incredibly cold sensitive so ice cream is completely out of the question. Overall I am feeling pretty well, though. I think that I all ready have some stuff caught in the spaces though. Ugh. It is better than I thought it would be though. I am going to go to see the opening night of Lord of the Rings with Josh, Montana Bob and Loopy in Binghamton tonight (great memories of having my teeth out today in Binghamton.) I managed to see the movie the other night at the preview in Ithaca. It is really good, but very long. I recommend that everyone goes to see this movie because it is one of the best of the season. The computer graphics (CG not CGI which is the name of a magazine and a web technology) were pretty poor though. They were really disappointing after some of the good computer graphics that have been out in Final Fantasy, Shrek and Monsters, Inc. Also, Josh told me that Final Fantasy X is out for the PS2 so anyone who is waiting for it can run out and get it now.

Flag of BelgiumAnne update number nine is available today. I already have it posted and re-capitalized since she is too lazy to put in her own capital letters 🙂 One of these days I will actually get that Bio section up and running. I am in pain so now is not a good time.

Dominica and I celebrated Christmas today since we are both sick and stuck not doing anything. I got a new Game Boy Advance with Breath of Fire. I am very excited about that. I got her some stuff that she really can’t use because her back is in such bad shape. So Christmas wasn’t very exciting for her. We aren’t quite done yet since travel is hard and some of the gifts are in different locations.

Only four more days until Christmas. See a lot of you at Brick Presbyterian on Christmas Eve.

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