April 10, 2002

Dominica’s interview went really well and they offered her a position yesterday. She is very excited. It is a big relief to know that she has a job all set. She is very excited about the job since everyone seems so nice and the environment seems to professional.

Canadian FlagMiranda made us all (ok, she made them for Loopy but we all grab them before he can eat them) some cookies – oatmeal chocalte chip. The great thing about oatmeal cookies is, since they are made with real oatmeal, then it is okay to eat them for breakfast! So I did. Thanks Miranda!

My replacement laptop arrived yesterday and I have it all set up now. I am quite happy with it. I tried installing two operating systems on it before but the restore disks from Compaq were bad and I couldn’t get Windows XP back onto the computer. Compaq had such a hard time getting the disks to work that they decided to just send me a replacement computer. I thought that that was pretty funny. Whatever. I have it now and it works just fine. So good deal.

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