April 25, 2002

Today is work in Anderson day. All of the things that need to be done here are getting done today. We ran around the hospital all day and took the Joes to lunch. Joe and Joe run our Anderson facility. We managed to spend the day getting all kinds of things done at the hospital. Very productive, all together.

After a long and busy day at the hospital in South Carolina, Eric and I managed to hit the road around 4:30 in the afternoon and head towards DC. The drive from Anderson to DC is not a short one. About nine hours worth of car time. We made good time and stopped in some little town in North Carolina to pick up some Taco Bell and a power inverter so that we could use the computer in the car without killing the battery. The battery on this laptop doesn’t last any time at all.

We managed to get a little bit more work done while we were on the road. Eric managed to work on the laptop for an hour or so while we were driving. This laptop is working out pretty well. After Eric couldn’t stand working anymore, I starting teaching him a little bit about HTML while we were driving.

We stopped and stayed at a Red Roof about 80 miles south of DC on i95. We were just too tired to drive all of the way into DC and then on to Annapolis tonight.

Canadian FlagMiranda made it to the SGL house in Ithaca this afternoon. Dominica called me and let me know that she had arrived. I am sure that Loopy is very excited. Miranda is staying with us for the week. So, I will get a chance to see her eventually once I get back home.

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