April 26, 2002

Well, Eric and I finally managed to get a good night’s sleep last night at the Red Roof. We were very thankful that we stopped there since we are much better rested now than we would have been otherwise. Much less driving this way. I am writing the site update as we drive into DC. Eric is driving and I have the computer in my lap (that is why they call it a laptop, I guess.)

Eric and I have tickets to fly back to Rochester tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon on AirTran again. We will be arriving there at 5:00pm. It is actually cheaper to fly AirTran than it is to rent a car and pay for the gas! I am looking forward to heading home and to getting to listen to the end of Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets. Maybe I will pick up the next Harry Potter book soon so that I can find out what happens next. It is a long drive home back to Ithaca.

Eric and I are working at Washington Hospital Center today. Fun, fun, fun. We haven’t decided what we are doing about our rental car yet. We will probably keep it this late in the day and just take it to the airport tomorrow when we go to fly home. We will leave the condo around 1:00 pm, for anyone who really cares.

Okay, enough new info from me for today. This month has to be the longest ever in SGL history. So many updates. I haven’t had the opportunity to post all week so there is quite a load of new updates going up today. And more tomorrow, I am sure. Look for me to be home late tomorrow enjoying the snow (it was snowing there this morning. – It has been beautiful summer weather in the south all week.)

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