September 18, 2002

Well, Loopy got the water cooling system working. It doesn’t keep the computer any cooler than it did before. In fact, it is just a little bit warmer – which is really too bad. It is much more quiet than it was but it can’t run as fast anymore. He decided that the other fans were doing very little to keep the temperature down so he removed them and now only has the super silent pump and one pretty quiet fan in the back of the case running. A big difference from the machines that Dominica and I have. My machine runs too hot as it is so I would not be able to use this water cooling system in my machine 🙁 Min could use it in hers if she wanted to.

Last night we went to the mall and got the RF adapter so that we could hook up the Commodore 128 for Dominica to be able to play. While we were out we also found a nice adapter for using a Sony Playstation controller (the best joystick ever made, IMHO) with the computer. So I got one of those because the only joystick that I have for the computer isn’t very good. Loopy had an adapter for the same thing but it is big and bulky and wasn’t a nice USB unit.

Still more music being moved over today. This is a major project. It takes about five minutes to rip one of the CDs and then as much as an hour to encode it as an Ogg Vorbis file. So the process is pretty long. Then, after all of that is done, it must be moved onto the final machine and that takes another minute with me sitting there to babysit it.

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