September 24, 2002

Added a new link today. Orinsal – it is a site to show off some Flash MX web design. There are a bunch of fun games and some really good Flash demos (some of the best that I have ever seen.) Be prepared to wait a bit as this site requires both a fast Internet connection and a fast computer for some of the animations. A lot of work went into this “resume” page but boy – I bet this guy (Ferry Halim) gets a lot of calls from people who have seen his work on this page. This guy is truly an artist. I wish that I had someone making stuff like that for Sheep Guarding Llama! (Hint, hint.) I picked this one up from the Blog of Jessica Lee, a Cornell student here in Ithaca. Her Blog is pretty good and quite a bit more typical than mine. There is quite a popularity explosion around Blogs now and a couple of books have been written about them (I don’t think that anyone is mentioning this one yet but soon, I am sure…) SGL is actually pretty old in the Blog world and has a pretty big readership.

SGL was originally designed to be an opportunity for me to learn and hoan my HTML/XHTML web skills (because the entire site is hand coded.) Later, I started using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and learned how to use those effectively before using them in other sites that I work on. Now, I am starting to teach myself PHP (originally standing for Personal Home Page but now is commonly used as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.) When the new web server goes into place (running Apache2) then I hope to be able to start implementing some PHP features into the site. Until then, you will all just have to wait patiently.

Eric and Amanda finally have a weekend free and will be coming down on Friday to visit the Llamas (this is the first time that Amanda will have seen the newest Llama house – two weeks shy of a full year after we moved in here! But that is ok since Phil and Kate still haven’t seen it!) Eric and I spent the day working in Binghamton today. We had a meeting at Lourdes Hospital and before that I had a teeth cleaning.

Anyone who was watching SGL closely tonight would have seen it changing constantly throughout the evening. I have been editing the CSS that formats the page trying to get the title PNG and the navigation bar on the left to lign up properly. I think that I finally have it. All three main browsers (IE, Mozilla/Netscape and Opera) showed it properly. Konqueror has been showing some weird boxes around the paragraphs. If anyone knows what is causing this, let me know, plz. Getting the alignment right is pretty minor but I think that everyone will agree that it really does make the page look a lot better. It was only off by two pixels before but it has been bothering me.

I spent some time learning a little JavaScript this evening and have added a tiny bit of dynamic content to this page. Some of you may notice the new page headers that are showing up. There will most likely be more of those in the future. For now, enjoy. There are only a couple so far. I hope that there will be many in the future. And more that are designed to look right in the context of the rest of the page. It took me all night to learn the JavaScript that I needed to make it do this so you had better all be impressed.

Dominica played King’s Quest I until she beat it today and then she played AoE2 again. Loopy tried his hand at KQ3 but, a I had warned him, it was really tedious and not worth playing at all. KQ3 is the unfortunate failure of the King’s Quest family. It was obviously rushed to get into production due to the popularity of the first two installments but it shows and the gameplay is not fun at all. KQ4 was made with great care and it shows. The series was good until KQ8: Mask of Eternity really sucked and the series ended in flames.

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