September 25, 2002

Two new headers were added today. For now, the new headers are only showing up on the home page but eventually they will be on all of the pages. There are six headers in total right now for anyone who is looking carefully for them.

Dominica was back at work today for the first time since Friday afternoon. Her back is killing her now, though. Zach stayed home sick as well today. I had to travel out to Penn Yan to do some work at the Sheriff’s Office out there. I ended up having a very busy day today.

My new copy of Dreamweaver MX, Freehand 10, Coldfusion MX, Fireworks MX and Flash MX are due to arrive tomorrow. I bought Macromedia Studio which includes them all. I won’t be able to play with them until at least the weekend. But at least I will know that I have them. I also have a demo of Windows Server .NET that I haven’t even been able to take out of the plastic yet. I am excited, though, to try out all of this new software designed to make really cool web pages. I wonder what new things I can do 🙂

Dominica is playing for Age of Empires 2 today. Maybe she will play enough this week that when Eric is here we can have a five way game with Eric, Loopy, Min, Bob and myself! That would be so cool. I have never played with more than four players and I have only gotten to play with that many once.

Loopy does not have to work tomorrow. He was originally scheduled to be doing some work in Syracuse and Jordan tomorrow but that has been pushed off until Monday. He does not now have to work in New Hartford like was originally planned.

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