September 26, 2002

Today is my “day off”. It is the only day that I don’t really have to go anywhere. I am taking the chance to just relax a little bit. It is going to be a busy weekend so today is my only day to do nothing.

This evening, Min and Loopy decided to team up and try their hands at beating me at Age of Empires 2. We played for four hours and eventually called it a draw. They put up a good fight but they just weren’t able to beat me. In fact, I never even had to leave my original village (which is rare for me.) It was a rough game because I had run out of resources so early in the game – I had to play a really slow defensive game for a really long time in an attempt to wear them down. After four hours, no one had really made any progress and so we decided that it wasn’t worth continuing as we could tell the game would potentially take forever. Our combined scores were basically a tie as well. So it was really close. Eric remains the only person to have ever beaten me. He is out there giving hope to all of the other AoE2 players out there. I do need to play Josh again to see how he has improved. In fact, we need to have a day where everyone comes down here and plays a massive game of AoE2! That would be awesome. Set aside a whole day and order in some pizza and stuff. We have four machines in my room alone that can play it, Loopy has his own, Bob has his own, Josh could bring one, someone could play on Nate’s machine… That is enough for all eight players (I think that that is the max that you can have.) That would be so cool.

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