September 27, 2002

Today is a busy day. Min and I had to clean much of the day to prepare for Eric and Amanda who are visiting us this evening. Eric is at the house all of the time but this will be the first time that Amanda has made it to the new house. There is a lot of cleaning to be done so we will be getting as much done as possible.

I drove out to my parent’s house this afternoon because my cousins Bill and Carol were in from Ohio to visit. I managed to spend a couple of hours out there and pick up my copy of the new Macromedia Studio MX including the newest version of Dreamweaver. However, I am still editing this page in HTML-Kit because Dreamweaver just isn’t as powerful for code editing (how sad is that – Chami HTML-Kit is free and Dreamweaver is $400 and HTML-Kit is FAR better for regular coding that Dreamweaver!) Dreamweaver does look like it is going to be really good for a lot of things, though. I am going to have to spend some serious time getting used to it. Plus there are all those other parts of the studio that I need to learn how to work with like Flash and Fireworks. I am pretty excited, the new MX Studio looks to be worlds beyond the old version 4 that I have been working with.

Eric and Amanda met Min and I out at the Lost Dog Cafe for dinner at 9:45. They have the most amazing Sundried Tomato Dip and there Caprese croissant is awesome. Dinner was really good. It was amazing how busy they were that late at night. We actually had to wait a little while for a table and we weren’t able to sit at the bar because it was so busy. They are making a killing down there, I am sure.

After dinner we came back to the house and did some drinking. It has been a while since we have had a chance to all sit down and drink together so that was nice. Min didn’t join us, though, because it was late and she was so tired. So she just went to bed.

Bob went up to Syracuse this evening as he is expected to become an uncle tonight.

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