January 2, 2003: Happy Birthday Mary Johnston

A big Happy Birthday to Mary Johnston who is probably not reading this page or she had better get a hold of me!

I am working on my new computer today. I installed BeOS Developers Edition 1.1 this morning and am so glad to have BeOS working on one of my machines again. I used to use BeOS R5 on one of my older computers (the one that Nate uses now) when we lived at Sanctuary but I just haven’t had the desk space up until now to have one here. But with this new machine I get to do it again and the new Dev. Ed. is two versions newer than what I last used and so far it is pretty good. I did get too new of a graphics card, though, and it isn’t supported so I need to figure out how I am going to deal with that. But that is only so bad and hopefully it will be supported soon.

SGL does have some good news for the new year. Just two weeks ago we had the chance to speak with our Internet service provider and we have managed to have our access speed increased by more than 25% which should be noticeable by those of you who have fast connections as our page should be loading a bit faster than it used to. We hope that we have the opportunity to increase our speed again in the coming year but an increase again (due to the steps available from our provider) would be a 50% increase in speed but with a pretty hefty price tag. But maybe we will be lucky.

I would like to send out a big hello to Joe Miller and the rest of the Llamas who have been faithful readers of ours from the Horseheads region for quite some time now. Joe was our first ever Llama of the Month (nominated by Matt Hoch) back in February, 2001 – almost two years ago! Matt informed me that Joe and the gang are still reading the site after all this time.

Loopy, Miranda and I went out this evening to see Star Trek: Nemesis (also known as Star Trek X or 10.) We all liked it. It was earth-shattering but it was well done and a bit more emotional than most of the previous incarnations of the beloved series (nothing will compete with the closing of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.) Min and Nat decided to go see Two Weeks Notice instead which was playing right next door at the same time.

I forgot to yesterday morning, Josh, Joanna, Phil, Kate, Natalie, Min and I went out for an early lunch at the Kapital Korner down on State St. (The State Street Diner was totally packed and we couldn’t get in there for some breakfast so we had to go elsewhere.) I thought that there food was really excellent and I plan to be getting Chinese from there again. Their eggrolls were especially excellent.

The Canadians are expected to be heading home tomorrow. Loopy and I are driving them out to Avon to get Miranda’s car and then Loop and I are heading up to Rochester to work at the hospital center before returning to Ithaca in the evening. It works out well because I needed to get to the bank (I use a Rochester bank still because they have treated me so well for so long.) Hopefully the weather won’t be bad, the roads were horrendous tonight going to and from the movies. I have a headlight out too. Probably shorted out from all of the snow that my car has been burried under this week.

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