January 15, 2003

I am leaving for DC today. We have new equipment that needs installed there and I might as well get to it. I did go out and buy an SD memory card for my Zaurus today – it is only 64MB but it should help out immensly with making that more useful. However, it doesn’t appear to be working. The Zaurus recognizes that it is there but it just won’t use it. So that isn’t good. I will probably have to return it. The KVM that I am supposed to install is shown by FedEx as having arrived this morning at the office in DC but no one has seen it yet. If it isn’t there, there isn’t much for me to do.

Early this morning (8:00) I did two hours of work over at Ward’s Auto Damage. They needed a new computer installed so I worked on that for them. Everything went really smoothly and the morning started off pretty well. They even had a dog for me to play with while I was working.

Well, the KVM never arrived in DC so it is a good thing that I didn’t go yesterday because I would have really had nothing to do since I can’t work on the new servers until the KVM is installed. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. So I am planning on going down on Sunday now and being down for a whole week. Hopefully we will have tracked down the package by then. I hate it when these things disappear. That is an expensive piece of equipment too!

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