January 29, 2003

It is hump day. I have little to report today except that Min and I went to the Tower Club Restaurant at Ithaca College for lunch today. We tried to go yesterday but our schedules just didn’t allow it. We have wanted to go for a long time but it just never works out. The Tower Club is only open for two hours a day and it takes a little while to be able to get a meal there so it isn’t the best place to run off to, especially when you are coming from across town. The meal was excellent and the view was spectacular. I am going to have to eat there more often. I love being able to eat and to look down on the city. It is so neat. Too bad that parking is such a headache up there.

Dominica is reading “What Color Is My Parachute?” Very exciting stuff. I am mostly just reading Dilbert books (the comic ones) and some books on the Apache web server. I have been making really good progress recently through a number of books.

Natalie called this evening as she road the bus through town on her way to the Big Apple. She thought that it was pretty funny that she was pretty much coming right by the house while riding a bus from Toronto to New York. It is pretty funny that a route so long would wind up coming right past the house.

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