February 24, 2003

Our first day back in Schenectady on our third week of work. We (John, Loopy and I) got up very early and hit the road by 4am as usual and got to work right on time. We have made this a science already. Our day was slow, the work that we are doing is very boring and there really isn’t anything to tell. Everyone is really nice and the place isn’t really ready for us so we spend a lot of time on lunch and standing around waiting for people or carrying computer boxes around.

After work we checked into the hotel and just crashed. Loopy and John went to bed a little before 5pm and pretty much slept until after 10pm. Then they were up for just a little while and went to bed again. Neither of them got much sleep last night. But by now they both have had way more sleep than me, that is for sure.

The funniest thing today was that on the way to Schenectady, John slipped on some ice and reffered to himself as a Surfing IT Wizard. So, Loopy and I are not letting it go and we have been telling everyone that John would now like to be referred to as the Surfing IT Wizard. We are even signing him up in the security logs that way and we have added the email address… (Update from June, 2006: Email address has been removed to stop harvesters using it for spam.) Everyone should email him there.

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