February 25, 2003: Happy Birthday to Me

Boy do I feel old. 27! I have always thought of 27 as being the first year of middle age. And here it is. Wow.

Our offices that we are working for in Austin, TX got an ice storm today and one of them was unable to open for business at all. Eric is going to be doing a little work for us tomorrow but he unable to get any information about it until really late because no one was able to get into the office to get it to him. I wonder what is considered an ice storm in Texas anyway, hmmm.

Work was the same today. We are nearing the end of the work that they have for us in Rotterdam Junction and we probably have only one day left here before we switch to working in Nyskyuna. We don’t know where we are going to be working tomorrow. We have to hang loose and see in the morning.

After work, we all went to Walmart and got a few things that we needed. I picked up some movies for the week. We got back to the hotel and I decided that I wanted a cheap DVD player to take with me places so we returned to Walmart and picked one up for $53. But of course, when we got back to the hotel we realized that we couldn’t get it to work because there is no remote control in the hotel that can switch the television to its Video source setting. So we have to find a universal remote now. But we will save that for tomorrow.

John has been reading Harry Potter and he just finished book one and he picked up two at Walmart while we were there so he is starting that now.

Well, my birthday was pretty much uneventful. Thank you everyone who remembered to call me:) You know who you are.

One funny thing… not only did we get the restaurant that we eat at to give us food in exchange for us doing some work for them which works out great because we can’t cook for ourselves out here, but tonight the hotel that we are staying in expressed an interest in having us do some work for them to get them set up with high speed access available in part of the hotel. So, I am starting to design a wireless system for them to let them get up and running quickly. And people say that being out of town is just a waste of time when you aren’t actually working, LOL.

Leanne wanted me to note that the dates of the musical have changed but I don’t remember now what they changed to. Maybe she will email the details 🙂

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