June 13, 2003

The market seems to be coming up a little bit. Andy is still working at Carrier up in Syracuse and I am working for Dell today at Wegman’s in Rochester (the corporate offices, not one of the grocery stores.) I had to get up early this morning and drive to Rochester so that I could start work at 8:30. It was supposed to be an easy installation, and for the most part it was, and was supposed to take less than eight hours, most likely six. But, as these things often do, everything went wrong and they were not prepared for me in the least and we ended up having to leave a lot of the work for them to perform because they just weren’t following their own directions or bothering to communicate with anyone. So, the good news is I got a full eight hours of work in which makes me happy. But it sucks to leave a site without everything being completely taken care of and wrapped up. It is nice to have that sense of closure at the end of a contract. But, we can’t have everything and I am happy to be able to make good money for a day. Plus, because they were running so far behind, I had an almost two hour lunch break with Eric while I waited for some of the backups to take place.

After work, I drove down to Livonia. Dominica is still taking her real estate class so we got out about the same time but she and Tammy were going to go and do some shopping prior to her coming over to Eric and Amanda’s house. Eric, Amanda and I went out to the Geneseo Family Restaurant where Dominica joined us for an early dinner. After dinner we went out to Walmart to do some shopping and picked up four new movies (I have to keep mentioning all of the new movies in here until Andy gets the new, amazing movie database up and running so that everyone can just check for new titles online.) We got, Dances with Wolves: Extended Edition (which I already had on LD but have never watched and will now be selling,) Spirited Away, Real Women Have Curves and Die Another Day, the latest James Bond film. We headed back to Eric and Amanda’s new house and watched the new Bond film. It was ok. I am very disappointed that Walmart is stocking the Full Frame crappy version of it and that is what I got but luckily it was a pretty bad movie and it will never really matter that it isn’t the ful aspect ratio version. A little disappointing but I will get over it. It is one of the weaker Bond films. I know that there have been a lot of really bad ones over the last few years and I won’t get into a debate over just how bad each one was but I will say that this one is weak but at least it isn’t Goldeneye.

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