August 17, 2003

Don’t forget everyone, Min turns the big 25 this week! A whole quarter of a century. And don’t forget that Eric and Amanda are getting married this Saturday.

Min and I actually got up early this morning and it out to church at LaGrange. After church we headed up to the city to do a little shopping. We stopped and got some lunch at the Omega Grill in Geneseo. The Omega is Min’s favorite restaurant ever. We went to Walmart and we got a bunch of four and five shelf shelving units that hold between 720 and 900 pounds. We are putting at least one of them in the garage and at least two of them in the basement. We also picked up a lot of other miscellaneous stuff that we needed around the house like light bulbs and plastic bins. We are trying out some of those florescent light bulbs that go into regular light bulb sockets. They are much brighter than regular incadescent bulbs at a much lower wattage. So we are giving one of them a try in the basement.

After setting up some shelves and cleaning around the house, Andy, Min and I drove up to Avon and got some subs at Pizza Land. Their subs are really awesome. After dinner we went back home to Geneseo and watched Our Man Flint which is a really funny movie. Its sequal, In Like Flint is really bad. Austin Power’s draws a ton of material from the original Flint movies. Both Andy and Min fell asleep during the movie.

I have been working on taking my Security+ exam from CompTIA. I read the Passport book on it and finished that this week. I took my first practice exam this evening and got a 90%. On my second exam, I scored a 93%. I am going to try to schedule the test for some time this week so that I can get it out of the way. It should prove to be a good use of my time since I am still unable to get online this week. It will be good to manage to get it out of the way instead of waiting until I was actually able to be productive again.

This week I will be staying in New York. Eric and I have a lot of remote work to do for DC so I will probably spend a bit of time up at the hospital in Rochester so that I can be online. Thursday is Min’s birthday. I don’t know if she took it off of work or not. She doesn’t like to work on her birthday. Wednesday I have to be home and around the house all day because Frontier is coming at some point to install our new phone line and someone has to be here to make sure that everything gets taken care of okay. So that job falls to me. There is plenty of work to be done around the house that it shouldn’t be a problem. I have been working hard in the basement trying to get that situation under a little bit of control. I finally set up my main computer today. I have four desks set up in the basement now, power and lights.

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