August 31, 2003

Min and I actually managed to get up early this morning and actually made it out to church. We actually managed to beet my parents to church. That never happens. After church Min and I headed down to Leicester to visit with my relatives from Ohio that didn’t already head back home. We hung out for a couple of hours and then drove up to Mt. Morris to get a late lunch at Brian’s USA Diner. The food was good but they didn’t have much for us to eat. To many restaurants in this area don’t offer anything without meat in it. But the place was pleasent anyway.

After lunch we came back home and I took a much needed nap for a few hours and Min started going through all of the new stuff from the bridal shower. There is so much nice stuff. Min also made a pot of coffee from our new Cuisinart Combo coffee grinder and maker. It is really cool because it grinds your coffee and then makes it all at once. For those of us who are pretty hardcore coffee drinkers, it is perfect.

After my nap I got up and started working. Min and Andy went out to McDonalds for dinner. After they got back (it takes forever for fast food in this town – it is almost like being in the south) we popped in Father Ted Series Three and watched it the whole way through. That is just the funniest show ever. After the show was over, Min and Andy went to bed but I finished watched the Godfather Trilogy. I had never seen the entire trilogy before so it was really nice to get to see the whole thing. I am really glad that I own it.

Speaking of amazing movie trilogies… Once Upon A Time In Mexico or El Mariachi III is releasing to theatres on September 12! No one has called around yet to tell me what the plans are for the gang but I am assuming that we are all going to be going to someone’s house to watch El Mariachi and Desperado prior to the trip to the theatre. I would say that we should do it here but since we don’t have any kind of stereo or surround sound hooked up so it is a little bit flat watching a movie here. And there isn’t much room. But if no one else is able to host, everyone is welcome to come here. Phil and I have been waiting for almost ten years for EM3 to release so this is a really big deal. And Antonio Banderas, Selma Hayak, Johnnie Depp, Willem Dafoe and Johnny Trejo are all in it.

I have finally got a website up for the wedding. You will notice the presence of a new button in the menu on the left. There isn’t much there yet but at least there is something and there is a place for people to go to to get information about the wedding. I will be adding the RSVP system shortly (or so I say.) At least I am catching up on this site too.

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