September 1, 2003

Well, I am starting to get caught up with web site work that I needed to do. It is nice that today is a holiday and the weather is cool too. A little bit of rain today. Min turned on Series Four of “As Time Goes By” and we watched that while she worked on the weeks menu and I worked on my laptop. For example, this site is more or less up to date.

On September 10, Andy, Dad and I are going to go to the theatre at MCC in Rochester to see Steve Wozniak (the co-founder of Apple Computers) speak for Apple’s 25th Anniversary. If anyone is interested in going to see him with us, you can get yourself some tickets here. The show should be really interesting. I am also going to see a Microsoft show the week after as well. Microsoft puts on some pretty good shows. And they give away some really good stuff at them too.

It was nice to have the day at home without anything major going on. I spent most of the day camped out on the couch working on the computer and watching “As Time Goes By”. Dominica decided to make today a food day. She went shopping at Wegmans after she whipped up her week of menus. After she got back she started baking a peach tart.

My parents came over this evening because mom and I had work that had to be done. After working for about an hour, my parents, Andy, Min and I went out to the Villa Carlo for some dinner. As always, it was delicious. While we were at the restaurant, Nate called from Perry and stopped by to hang out for a little while. He met us at the restaurant and then drove my Mazda over to the house since he hasn’t had a chance to even be in the car yet. My parents came back to the house for a little while and we all hung out and had some of Min’s peach tart for dessert. It was really good.

It turned out that Min and I had some printing work that needed to be done for Danielle by early in the morning. Min needed me to get my parent’s paper cutter so I packed up the car with the rest of the trash and garbage in the garage that hadn’t been taken over to burn yet and drove it over to my parents’ so that I could burn it. It has been raining all day and it didn’t stop for me so I parked the car (it is now the pitch black of night) so that the headlights shone across the burning area so that I could start the fire. I got the fire going in the rain and then picked up the paper cutter and headed back to Geneseo. I got back around 11:30.

Min had been printing stuff out all the time that I was gone and when I got back we worked on the printing together (it required both printing and cutting 2,000 pages) while we watched “As Time Goes By” Series 5. We didn’t end up going to bed until after 3:00 am.

I did just a little bit of work to I haven’t gotten much work done on the site but at least there is a little bit there now. There are links to hotels and inns on there now.

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