September 19, 2003: 15 Days to the Wedding!

Min was exhausted when she got in this morning. But she was so tired that she couldn’t really sleep so she decided to watch the first season of Red Dwarf. Then she passed out on the futon in the living room next to Mr. Humphreys who is sleeping peacefully there as well. We never got the big storm last night like we were supposed to although the power did skip a beat here this morning.

I am having an incredibly slow day today. Last night I started installing Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server and I babysat it for about four hours and then let it run through the night. Then it kept on going this morning. It takes at least ten hours to install, at least on the machine that I have to install it on. I am anxious to get to play with it, though, because it is supposed to have tons of cool features.

I did a backup of the web site today. I can’t believe how huge it is. It took more than 25 minutes to backup the site over our high speed connection! I did add one more thing to our Funnies page. It has been a while since anything new was added there. I also moved the August material out to the archives. I feel like there hasn’t been very much written on the site but the archives prove otherwise. The last two months have been just as busy as they ever were.

Eric and I got free USB Memory sticks from Dell the other day. They were a free gift because we went to a Dell show a month or two ago. They are just 16MB sticks but still, pretty nice for a free gift. I plan on using mine to store security keys so that I can have extra strong passwords without having to remember them. Andy bought a 128MB stick a few weeks ago and loves his. They are a really handy thing and have pretty much replaced the floppy recently since they are SO much faster, small and resilient.

I can’t believe how slow things are today. I have gotten no phone calls or emails all day. I am enjoying the quiet and am working hard on learning new stuff today. Maybe the big storm that is “supposed” to be hitting us today is having an affect. I know that all of the schools are closed.

Eric stopped by since there was nothing for him to do at work either. We didn’t really feel like doing anything so we just hung out a little and then he went home to work on his lawn. Andy got home a little bit early today because he just couldn’t handle his work anymore and he put in his two weeks notice today. He had been really hopeful yesterday that a new project would pan out and that they would give him the opportunity to really shine over the next few weeks. Andy realized that even if they did give him the project, they would never support him on it and leave him hanging out to dry even though it would be their faults that the project went bad. They would make it look like it was his failure and that wouldn’t be good for him. So he decided that he should just leave and look for a more professional environment. His boss skipped work so he doesn’t know yet.

Andy, Min and I went to the Omega Grill for some dinner and then hit Wegmans. After that we watched some of the Simpsons Season Three on DVD (Andy’s, not mine) and played with Mr. Humphreys. He is so cute. Then Min went to work and Andy and I went to bed (seperately but at the same time.) We both have to be up early in the morning because we have to get his Buick Regal into the shop because the suspension is totally shot and he needs to get that fixed or he basically can’t drive the car anymore. This is his third round of major repairs in a month and a half.

Art wants to play multi-player Age of Empires 2 tomorrow night. Eric can’t make it because he is going to Comix Cafe. Min and Andy are in so that is four of us. It will be in the early evening or late afternoon. If anyone is interested, let me know. There will be a laptop free. If you don’t want to use that, it is BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer.) But we do have monitors, keyboards and mice, at least one or two opticals.

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