September 20, 2003: Two Weeks to the Wedding!

Boy am I glad it is a Saturday. I am not sure why, I just am really looking forward to the weekend this week. Andy and I got up early this morning to take his old Buick Regal (1992!!!) into Jimmy’s II here in Geneseo so that he can finally get his rear suspension worked on. He should be getting it back this afternoon and he will finally be able to really drive again. But, of course, he doesn’t really get his car fixed until his quits his job and no longer needs to commute to Buffalo every day.

Min got home form work around 9:15 and was tired as usual. Andy and I went out to McDonald’s to get some breakfast and brought some back to Min. She ate, played with the hamster and went to sleep on the futon in the living room. This seems to have become her routine.

Art and Danielle stopped by this afternoon for a little while to hang out on their way back from the city. They only stayed less than an hour. Then Min went back to bed and I drove over to my parent’s house because the new house Webramp 350e had arrived and I needed to pick it up. A Webramp is a telephone to Ethernet router. We are going to be using it to manage the three telephone lines coming into the house. It was a lot easier to buy a small unit like this than it would be to build an equivalent unit myself. Webramps were extremely popular just a few years ago when broadband Internet access was relatively rare and expensive.

I took a three hour nap in the afternoon and then at 8:00, Art came over and he, Min, Andy and I played two rounds of Age of Empires II late into the night. We played teams, Art and I vs. Min and Andy. Min and Andy won the first round but Art and I came back to win the second time around. It was a good time. We played until 3:30 in the morning.

Josh and Joanna moved from Greece to Fairport today. I will let you know how that went once I talk to them.

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