September 21, 2003: 13 Days to the Wedding!

Min and I slept in late today and then raced up to the city to find a copy of Empire Earth Gold Edition to get for my cousin for his birthday. He has been itching to play it for quite some time. Hopefully his computer will be able to handle it. He and his sister share a PIII-600, 256MB, 7.1GB with a GeForce 4 MX 420 graphics card. The only issue is that the hard drive is like totally full and fragmented to the point of no return. Andy says he knows of a utility that should bring it back so we will have to look into that.

The birthday party was in Leicester at 1:00 and we were about half an hour late. We hung out there most of the day. Min came back early to do some laundry.

Lots of playing with the hamster today. He is so cute! Min, Andy and I started working on the closet in Min and my room this evening because it needs new shelves put in before we can organize the stuff that is in our room. We took out the old shelves and moved everything from the closet into the living room. Then we discovered that we didn’t have the drill bit that we needed. So that didn’t work out so well. So everything from our bedroom is all over the living room until we can get that project moving again.

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