September 22, 2003: 12 Days to the Wedding

The wedding is coming up quick. Min has a dress fitting in Ithaca tomorrow. Today, she and Danielle are going to be doing door to door drop-by’s for NTI in the local area. Today is their first day of doing this and they will be working in Avon today.

Josh and JoAnne, fresh from having moved from Greece to Fairport, stopped by this morning after dropping off their UHaul in Livonia. They are exhausted from the move. They hung out for a little while and met Mr. Humphreys. Then we all went up to Avon to meet Min and Danielle for lunch at Peppermint’s.

This evening, Andy started working on putting Min and my closet organizer up. We need to get this organizer up so that we can start moving things into the closet because our room has become an explosion of stuff. Our old closet shelves were not installed properly and they were falling down even before we put anything on them. So we needed to do something and everything that should have gone into the closet has been sitting around the bedroom taking up space.

I spent a lot of the day today working on Novell CNS (Certified Novell Salesperson) classes online so that I can take the exam tomorrow. It is nice that the classes are offered in video form so that I can just sit at my desk and watch them. It is a really good format for training. I had to install some software to be able to watch Real Media files because that is how they delivered the classes. I didn’t want to install Real Player itself because it is spyware and really shouldn’t be installed on my computer. So I looked around and I discovered a neat product called Real Alternative. This product is a small Freeware package that allows you to watch Real Media without having to install that awful software. I suggest that everyone goes and downloads this the next time they are stuck having to use Real Media for something. I wish everyone would just use regular video standards like MPEG and DivX instead of these wacky proprietary standards like Real and QuickTime.

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