October 5, 2003: The Day After!

Wow am I exhausted today. Today is my first day of being married. What a weird thing it is to suddenly be married. For those of you who have never done it, let me tell you, it does come as a bit of a shock. I am sure it is even weirder for Min who is now Mrs. Miller. Doesn’t that make us sound so old? So we started the morning off at the Inn. We thought about having breakfast there or at least in town but we got up late enough that we really didn’t have any time to relax in the morning. We ran around the hotel getting everything together and packing the car and checking out. Then we drove over to the house where Bob and Lisa and Andy were at. We unloaded all of the stuff that we had in the car and then we got everyone out the door to get down to the Yard of Ale in Piffard for Sunday Brunch. Nate, Tammy and Emily met us there. We had a terrible time convincing the restuarant that they wanted to let us eat there. They made a big deal about us not having reservations. But they finally seated us (actually, we finally seated ourselves… they were very rude.) I would have understood if there had been anyone else in the entire restaurant but they were empty except for Andy’s aunt sitting in the bar/buffet room. There were about five totally deserted rooms. So the only other person in the entire place was a relative. In fact, they were so slow there that we managed, even with the incredibly slow and pathetic service that we got, to eat our meals and leave just in time to pass the next people coming in in the doorway. Apparantly, it was all that there staff of five could do to serve eggs and orange juice to eight adults and two children. I was totally unimpressed. And I have eaten there before and don’t remember it being very good then either. I keep hearing stories of people who have enjoyed eating there but I never have the good fortune of enjoying my time there. I doubt that I will ever return. I have been kind enough to eat there far too many times as it is. We only went there this time because it was close and they had a buffet. Had anything else been open with a buffet that we had known of, we would never have considered it.

After lunch, Min’s parents came over to the house to help us open presents. Boy is there a lot of stuff. You really do make out pretty well at weddings. We have so much new stuff that we really feel like we just moved into a new house and everything we have is new. There is nothing left that we use from just a few months ago. That is really weird. All new cups and dishes and silverware and towels and everything. Even new decorations. It’s like we just moved into someone else’s decorated house! We got a lot of really nice stuff. I think we made out exceptionally well compared to most people after a wedding. We really like all of the stuff that we got and we are really going to be able to use all of it.

My arm is still not any better. It has gotten hard to tell if it changes at all and I barely notice it anymore. I have adjusted to sleeping with it in funny positions and I know what it feels like when I do something to it. I have been taking my ibuprofin on a regular basis and I have been taking B vitamins too. It just seems to be holding steady. If nothing happens by the end of the week, I will have to talk to the doctor again and have a nerve test done. I was really hoping that it wouldn’t come to that but I don’t think that there is any other option at this point. Maybe surgery will not be necessary, though.

After everyone had left and things were starting to calm down, Andy, Min and I went to Walmart to get some movies to get us through the week. We picked up Smokey and the Bandit which is a total classic that everyone has to have, Solaris which is a newer Sci-Fi that I had heard really good things about from Wilfort and finally, The Last Starfighter which both Min and I love and it turned out that Andy had never seen it so we had to have it. Since tonight is Andy’s last chance to hang out with us for forever, we all sat around and watched The Last Starfighter. Andy ended up really falling in love with the movie and wishing that he had bought himself a copy of it. I hadn’t seen it in quite a long time. It was one of my favorite movies from when I was very young. It came out when I was eight.

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