October 6, 2003

Well, things can start getting back to normal now. I am trying to get caught up with the updates. I moved September over to the archives so that the main page wouldn’t get to be unruly. Summer 2003 (Quarter 3) in the archives is the third busiest season for updates yet on SGL. I was worried that it was going to be really short but we pulled that one off in the eleventh hour.

Min and I decided that we were going to do some serious shopping today but we had to sleep in first to make up for the crazy weeekend. The house phone is rerouted over to Arti and Danielle’s house so that we can have some privacy for a couple of days. Andy was supposed to fly out to Puerto Rico this morning but none of the four travel coordinators from his company could handle calling him to tell him when his flight was so they didn’t let him know that he had missed it until five hours after he would have had to have left the house to have even been able to make it. He had been bugging them for five days to get him the itinerary but they just blew him off until they made him miss his flight. They booked him another one this afternoon and so he is going to be out of the house around noon. It was kind of nice for him to have it later, though. They had originally scheduled him so early that he would have had to have left the house just after 4:00 am. Which means that he would have had to have gotten up long before then and that was pretty ridiculous after a big weekend. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were willing to fly him out of Rochester’s airport which is just twenty minutes away. But no, they only fly him out of Buffalo so he has to drive over an hour just to get to the airport.

So, as soon as Andy left, Min and I went out and did some shopping with our wedding money. We picked up some new movies to get us through the week of hiding at home. We got Series Two of A Fine Romance with Judy Dench from 1981. We also got Waiting for Guffman, Sweet Sixteen, Thin Red Line and Russian Ark. After getting more movies, we went to look at furniture. We went to a couple of different places. Eric and I went furniture shopping at Contemporary Trends in Ithaca on Aurora St. about a year and a half ago and we discovered a bunch of stuff that we had really like. Most notably, a dining table that extends without leaves, a recliner and a “luna” chair that I have always thought would be just perfect for the listening room. Well, funny enough, at Viking in the Frontier Commons on Jefferson, Min managed to independantly pick out the SAME THREE ITEMS that Eric and I had liked so much over a year ago. I didn’t have anything to do with it at all. She immediately ran around the store and fell in love with those three exact items. And we aren’t talking similar furniture here, we are talking the same three exact items that I had liked so much. Talk about meant for each other. So since we were both so set on those pieces, we decided to get them. We got both the recliner and the luna chair (and its ottoman) in matching saddle and teak. One is going to go in the living room for Min to sit on because she needs a good chair for her back and the other is going to go into the basement for me to be my ultimate listening room chair and ottoman. We figure that eventually we will get more matching chairs for the listening room slash theatre room because they are so perfect and flexible for down there. We didn’t get any chairs for the dining room table because we couldn’t decide on anything and everything seemed so expensive. Min also found a bookshelf that she liked in teak but wasn’t sure if it would fit or not where she wanted to put it so we decided that we would go home and measure to see if it would fit there. We also bought a little viking clock and a puzzle block wood cow to go in the living room to decorate. The furniture is going to be arriving at the house a week from tomorrow.

After picking out furniture, Min let me go shopping at SoundWorks up on Monroe Ave. too! We ordered a B+W subwoofer, the ASW 300, which is a matching piece for my DM303’s that I have for the basement theatre room. I have been dying to get the matching sub ever since I sold the Paradigms to Josh. I have had so much less power since then. This will really help. We now have all but the surround (rear) speakers that we need for the basement system. We were originally just looking for small stereo speakers to put upstairs in the living room because the television there is very hard to understand. The dialogue isn’t very clear coming through the television speakers and we don’t want to turn it up very loud in case the neighbors can hear it. So we decided to get something like Energy Take-5’s for the living room. But Soundworks isn’t carrying the Energy line anymore so we had to look into other options. We thought about going with an Acoustic Energy model. But we weren’t really impressed with how it sounded or how it looked. So we looked around some more and decided to just splurge and get ourselves and really beautiful looking AND sounding speaker, the Totem Dreamcatcher. We got them with the Maple finish. They look awesome in the living room. We are putting an emphasis on getting the theatre room together because Andy decided that he is giving us a project for a wedding gift so we want to get the system all together so that we can really use that room. Arti and I are planning on getting started on the electrical system down there maybe as early as next week. That is the first step.

After shopping, Min and I went down to see my parents and grandparents. My mom’s parents are still at my parent’s house from the wedding and we had barely gotten a chance to see them at the wedding so we thought that we would stop by and visit a little bit.

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