November 28, 2003: Happy Black Friday

Updates, updates, updates. Yes, I am writing on a regular basis. Isn’t it great? Josh has been giving me a hard time about not updating the site on a regular basis so he should be happy now.

Today was errand day. Dad and I started the day off having breakfast at the Barn in Greggsville. After breakfast we had a phone conference for half an hour. Then I had to go back to the house to get some paperwork and go out to do some banking. I had to run all over town and then I had to run up to the city too to do some banking there. It was a lot of running around today.

After I got back from running my errands, Eric, Andy, Jeremy and I played a round of Age of Empires II. It ended up being a four hour game and we ended up giving up because Eric had to get home. Jeremy and I went on and whooped the rest of Andy’s army after Eric left. It wasn’t really fair since Andy was a team member short. But we think that Jeremy and I were in the lead at the end.

Min got up around 7:00 and the three of us went out to Tom Wahl’s for Friday fish fry (I didn’t have fish.) Andy was telling us about a guy in Puerto Rico that he knows who was talking about pornography on the web and referred to it as “Pages of Sex”. We thought that that was pretty funny. So everyone must now use that term.

Last night at dinner, we decided that New Years Eve is going to be at Min and my house in Geneseo. So we don’t have any real solid plans yet but it will be here and Min won’t allow any non-clear liquids on the white carpeting so plan on white wine 😉

After dinner, Andy wanted to watch Coupling Season 2 because he hasn’t gotten a chance to see it yet. Andy is thinking about having his brother Tony over tomorrow to play some Quake II or Quake III. Tony normally plays Halo on the XBox so we wanted to show him what a real, high intensity first person shooter is like.

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