November 29, 2003

Well, I am doing my best to get back on the ball with the updates. I have a lot of catching up to do. Last season had so many updates that it will be hard to keep this season up to par with all that has been going on.

Today was a relaxed day. Min decided not to sleep in very late and Andy had to get up early to run around and do his banking before his bank closed. They aren’t very considerate of people who need to work or have normal lives. But what else is new with banks.

Andy, Min and I managed to coordinate lunch out at the Omega Grill. After lunch, Min watched The Man in the Moon and Andy tried his hand against me at Age of Empires II. We played a pretty good couple of hour game with very little conflict. I have learned a few new tactics from me recent readings of the Mongol invasions of Europe and tried a few of them out against Andy and they were quite effective. I think I might write a page about some of my AoE2 strategies and see how many people read the page. That would be interesting to know. After the game, Eric and Amanda said that they would come up from Eric’s parent’s house in Warsaw and go to the Omega Grill with us for some coffee while we had some dinner. While we were waiting for E&A to get over to Geneseo Andy and I decided to play another round of AoE2. I told Andy that I would try to beat him before The Millens made it over but he didn’t believe me. The game ended up lasting less than twenty minutes and we managed to finish up and discuss the game before Eric and Amanda got here. (Oh, by the way, do a Google search on “Eric Millen” and you will notice Waste Watcher, Sheep Guarding Llama and Niagara Telcom’s web sites all come up on the very first page.) It was a very lucky feudal rush.

Eric and Amanda arrived around 8:30 and then we all headed over to the Omega Grill again. Twice in one day. Andy is really happy to have American food again. (Once again, try a Google search on, “Omega Grill” Geneseo, and you should notice us at the bottom of the second page.) We had a nice dinner but the Millens couldn’t come over for a movie later so we all just went home seperately from there.

Andy, Dominica and I stayed in the rest of the evening and we watched the remaining episodes of “Coupling” Series Two. We finished off the last six episodes. Andy was laughing hysterically. Since we have stopped buying so many discs recently, we have been really knocking off our unwatched movies. We have reduced to only about 35 totaly unwatched movies (Emily will be proud) and less than 30 DVDs since the laserdiscs shouldn’t count against us since none of the LD players still work. Actually, dad had a lightning strike recently and it killed his LD player too. So we have REALLY been out of luck recently. But the cost per view has fallen to $5.09. Whoo-hoo!

I wrote part of today’s update and then got sidetracked looking at Lonely Planet to see what cool places in Central Asia there are to visit. There are a number of interesting places but I think that Armenia and the Ukraine are the most interesting. I would really like to visit one of them. Armenia is the oldest Christian country in the world. But they have a very bleak history as they were over-run by every major empire for thousands of years.

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