November 30, 2003

The last day of November already. I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. Min and I actually got up early enough this morning to get to church on time for once. I don’t think that anyone knew who we were getting there so early. After church, we went to lunch with dad at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant in Perry. We ran into Ellie there. I haven’t seen her in years. She has been reading the site, though, so she knows all the comings and goings of my universe.

Min and I went up to the city so that she could check out a new yarn shop that she wanted to see. We didn’t stay very long but she got some yarn that she needed to finish a sweater that she has been working on. We got back home but Andy is at his parent’s house this afternoon and evening. He is heading back down to the Carribbean tomorrow. I am taking him to the airport around noon so anyone who wants to catch him had better do so pretty early in the morning. Min and I watched some more As Time Goes By and then The American President. It is a pretty good movie. The DVD is a crappy transfer with tons of noise in the image and it isn’t anamorphic so you have lower image quality to begin with. On the projector, the older DVDs done at drastically lower qualities are really noticeable. Luckily, almost everyone makes anaphoric (enhanced for 16×9 televisions) DVDs these days so you don’t get too many of these older ones.

Leanne stopped by this evening to drop off some pictures from the wedding that she just gotted developed today. There are some really good ones. Maybe Andy will allow us to borrow the scanner for a while while he is gone and then we can put up all of the pics on the web site.

Andy needed to reinstall his operating system on his laptop this evening so while he was working on that, we decided to watch the Harry Potter movies. Andy has never seen them so it was a treat for him. He was surprisingly in the mood to give the movies a try and then after the first one he wanted to watch the second one as well. And since the second one is so much better than the first one, that worked out pretty well. Min fell asleep about two-thirds the way through the first movie and ended up sleeping away on the futon in the living room. While we were watching the movies, we started noticing more and more actors that we know from other things. For those of you who watch a lot of British television like we do, you will know who a lot of these characters are. The coolest one is Dawn French (of French and Saunders fame as well as playing the Vicar in The Vicar of Dibley) who is going to be appearing in Harry Potter III that is set to release this coming June, 2004. But of course, the actor who plays Harry’s uncle is also from The Vicar of Dibley, he plays the Bishop friend of David Horton in Series III. In Harry Potter II, the guest of Harry’s uncle at the beginning of the movie is Bishop Brennan from Father Ted! Mr. Weasley (Ron’s dad) in Harry II is also famous for his portrayal of Olaf Peterson in Red Dwarf (he appeared in many episodes but you can always find him in the pilot episode when his character was still alive.) I am sure that there are tons of other actors that I haven’t identified but as we were watching we noticed those and thought that the other Brit-Com fans would appreciate being able to find their favorite characters in the Harry Potter movies. In addition to television stars that you should all know, Kenneth Branagh played Gilderoy Lockhart who is much more famous for his staring roles in Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing and Love’s Labour Lost.

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