December 1, 2003

The first day of December and the snow and wind is already terrible. I drove Andy out to the Buffalo airport this morning and it was an awful drive. We went through Batavia and most of the way we were an the verge of white-outs. But right as we got to the airport, it suddenly cleared up and their was bright sun. Andy’s plane made it out roughly on time and he called us from Philadelphia to say that all was going well. He will be back in Puerto Rico sometime this evening.

Tomorrow night, my dad and my aunt and uncle’s family are coming over for the first of our new weekly “Movie Nights.” We haven’t decided what movie we are going to watch yet but there is a bit of a selection. We haven’t figured out where everyone is going to sit yet but we will figure that out when the time arrives. Soon we should be able to do it in the basement. That is the next piece of the electrical for Art to work on.

Dominica whipped up a full dinner for us tonight. She made angel hair pasta with a tomato-alfredo sauce and Quorn chicken. We even had rolls!

Andy called from Puerto Rico to say that he had arrived safely. But, once again, his luggage has been lost. This seems to be a recurring theme in his travels. He doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow… he is getting out of it, or at least some of it, so that he can go shopping to come up with some clothes to wear. Min and I watched season two of As Time Goes By and then started working on season three.

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